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The Idiots Three RPG Podcast

Welcome to the Idiots Three RPG Podcast, the home of game discussion, slightly drunken banter, and the occasional bad accent. We've got "PITCH SLAP", the competitive TTRPG development show; and "Name of the Lore", the lying game of nerd nomenclature knowledge (or a lack thereof). New episodes each month!

The Idiots Three are AJ (@i3rpg), Jack (@MedlandSlater) and Duncan (@dppacey). i3RPG is made by SillyGoose Content - follow us on Twitter for behind the scenes, bloopers and more (@SG_Content)!

Feb 13, 2020

Spontaneous Game Creation!

Sam Mannell jumps in as special guest to make some games on the fly with AJ and Duncan, and the lads all have fencing on the brain.

Have you been looking for a quick duel mechanic that lets players rapid fire blows and witticisms, without getting stuck in the mire of conflict resolution mechanics and stats? Do you have nightly vivid dreams of the clifftop duel from The Princess Bride? 'Allez!' may be just what you're looking for. Sharpen your sabres and put on your protective face mask thingies, because the idiots have looked up a Wikipedia fencing glossary and are going to en garde the hell out of this episode.



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